23 August 2011

Read an Ancient Jewish Scroll

Read an Ancient Jewish Scroll, by Peter Tyson (NOVA, 23 November 2004)

One of the most spectacular finds in Israel’s Cave of Letters, as reported in NOVA’s “Ancient Refuge in the Holy Land,” was a packet of personal documents that belonged to a young Jewish woman named Babatha. Probably born around A.D. 104, Babatha became a woman of means who, by the time of her death around 132, owned valuable properties left to her by her father and her two husbands. In this interactive, have a close look at one of the 35 papyrus scrolls in the Babatha archive—a registration of land dating from the year 127—and get an inkling of what life was like for a well-to-do Jewish woman living under Roman rule in the second century. For more background on Babatha’s extraordinary life, see the article "Babatha's Life and Times" below.
Link: Read an Ancient Jewish Scroll