23 April 2014

Evangelical Pastor Argues for Full LGBT Inclusion: "I Think It's Inevitable"

Evangelical Pastor Argues for Full LGBT Inclusion: "I Think It's Inevitable", by Candace Chellew-Hodge (Religious Dispatches, 22 April 2014)

It's a familiar story: A church is torn apart by a moral issue. On one side, a group is arguing for strict adherence to scripture; on the other side, members argue that biblical adages were meant for an earlier time. The story is so familiar, in fact, that it is actually in the Christian scriptures. Paul's ancient answers to congregational controversies inform a new book written by Ken Wilson, an evangelical pastor in Michigan. In A Letter to My Congregation Wilson argues that the ancient issues of food and Sabbath are analogous to today's moral struggle over the rightful place of LGBT people in both church and society.

As a pastor in a conservative denomination, Wilson's journey from a "consensus" approach to full acceptance for LGBT people has not been easy. But just as a lot was at stake in Paul's era, so too in today's culture wars. The answer Wilson offers is the same one Paul offered those in Rome: stop judging one another and live in peace.