17 August 2010

10 Historical Anti-Immigrant Quotes That Sound ... Familiar

Yesterday's Catholics, Jews, Germans, Chinese, etc., are today's Latino/as, Muslims, etc. The Yellow Peril or Anti-Semitism of yesteryear is today's Islamophobia. History is destined to repeat itself unless we learn from it to improve ourselves as a nation and people.

10 Historical Anti-Immigrant Quotes That Sound ... Familiar (Change.org)

2. We should build a wall of brass around the country.
- John Jay, first chief justice of Supreme Court, regarding “Catholic alien invaders,” 1750s


3. What means the paying of the passage and emptying out upon our shores such floods of pauper emigrants — the contents of the poor house and the sweepings of the streets? — multiplying tumults and violence, filling our prisons, and crowding our poor-houses, and quadrupling our taxation, and sending annually accumulating thousands to the poll to lay their inexperienced hand upon the helm of our power?
- Lyman Beecher, Leader of the Second Great Awakening, on English immigrants, 1834


5. Standing behind them are Christian employers of this land, who would rather import heathen willing to work for barely enough to sustain life than retain a brother Christian at a wage sufficient to live as becomes a Christian. We do not want Opium or the Chinese who grow it.
- Terence Powderly, Irish-American labor leader, 1892
Link: 10 Historical Anti-Immigrant Quotes That Sound ... Familiar (Change.org)