28 August 2010

En Conjuncto: A site on U.S. Latino/a (Catholic) Theology

En Conjuncto: A site on U.S. Latino/a (Catholic) Theology, by Orlando Espin (Professor, University of San Diego)


In Spanish, "en conjunto" means something like "jointly." In U.S. Latino/a theology we use this expression because it highlights one of the characteristics of our way(s) of doing theology-- we do it jointly, as a community and as members of our communities.

The faith, experience and daily struggles of our people are the most important validators of our theologies. Nevertheless, we are academics who take our scholarship seriously and who are fully engaged in the theological disciplines.

Please first read the entry (click on "Blog," above)
+ "Welcome to this conversation!"

Then, and in the following order, read

- "What is theology,"

- "On the meaning of "Catholic" and "western Catholic."

- "Latino/a... Who? What?,"

- "What is Latino/a theology?," and

- "Some history and some resources."

By reading these entries, following the order indicated above, you will understand U.S. Latino/a (Catholic) theology better.