19 January 2011

The Coming Christian Divide

The Coming Christian Divide, by Howard Bess (Consortium News, 8 January 2011)

The Rev. Howard Bess is a retired American Baptist minister.

Five years ago, we became aware that something significant was happening among Christian churches. Young people were leaving churches in huge numbers, most with no intention to ever return.

Many became associated with a new phrase, the emergent church, and formed themselves into small groups as house or home churches. The gatherings are marked by both worship and vigorous discussion, which are far-ranging but typically focus on Jesus, the rural rabbi from Nazareth.

At or near the top of the questions being debated by emergents is the meaning and significance of the death of Jesus from Nazareth, which is not a new debate but is one the emergents are taking in a new direction.
Link: The Coming Christian Divide