28 July 2011

End Gender Apartheid in U.S. Mosques

End gender apartheid in U.S. mosques, by Asra Q. Nomani (USA Today, 10 July 2011)

Last year, Thompson launched a "Pray In" campaign in Washington-area mosques, and this was our fourth action . With us, Ify Okoye, 27, a Nigerian-American Muslim convert, and Krysta Camp, 28, an American-Muslim convert, strode forward to reclaim in the 21st century rights that women enjoyed in the 7th century when the prophet Mohammad let women pray in the main hall of his mosque without forcing them behind any partition. During the other pray-ins, mosque officials called D.C. and Fairfax County (Va.) police and threw us out, charging us with trespassing. This time, we got to pray, but we had to hear shouts and insults.

Link: End gender apartheid in U.S. mosques