19 July 2011

Striving Towards a Green Ramadan

Striving Towards a Green Ramadan, by Ameena Jandali (11 August 2010)

Ramadan is a time to nurture the spirit of sacrifice, God-consciousness and self-awareness. It is an opportunity to learn the twin lessons of moderation and conservation as we forgo food and drink and embrace the ideal of less is better. It is a month long training camp to imbibe these habits that should then be applied to the rest of the year.

Yet, we often lose sight of these goals incumbent upon us during this time, and veer to the opposite extreme of going to excess in our food, drink and consumption to compensate for our daytime fast, thereby missing out on the focus and purpose of this blessed month.

Additionally, we often forget the importance of stewardship that is conveyed in Qur’anic verses that describe human beings as vicegerents on earth: “It is He (God) who has appointed you (humankind) as vicegerents on earth.” (Qur’an: 25:39); and as conveyed in the prophetic saying, “The world is green and beautiful and We have appointed you stewards towards it.”
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