12 October 2011

Cooking Defines Sephardic Jews at Sukkot

Cooking Defines Sephardic Jews at Sukkot, by Julia Moskin (New York Times, 11 October 2006)

LIKE its trees, Brooklyn’s sukkahs sprout in unlikely places. All over the borough, observant Jewish families spent the first week of October building sukkahs, outdoor rooms with open roofs, in preparation for the holiday of Sukkot, which began last Friday and ends this Friday. Perched on asphalt roofs and in concrete gardens, they will eat under the stars for a week to commemorate the Jews’ biblical wanderings in the desert.

For one food-loving community within Brooklyn’s sizable Jewish population, Sukkot has additional significance. “We always cook a lot, but for Sukkot, we do even more,” said Aida Hasson, who grew up in Beirut and is part of Brooklyn’s tight-knit community of Middle Eastern Jews.
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