01 November 2011

U.S. Hispanics Choose Churches Outside Catholicism

U.S. Hispanics Choose Churches Outside Catholicism, by Barbara Bradley Hagerty (NPR Morning Edition, 19 October 2011)

As their numbers grow, Latinos are not only changing where and how they worship; they're also beginning to affect the larger Christian faith. You can see evidence of that in the Assemblies of God, once a historically white, suburban Pentecostal denomination. When you walk into the denomination's largest church, it's sensory overload: The auditorium is jam-packed with hundreds of Latino worshipers singing in Spanish, swaying and dancing.

In little more than a decade, New Life Covenant Church in Chicago has grown from 68 people to more than 4,000 members; it had to abandon its old building and meet in Clemente High School. When you include the other churches New Life has started, its membership comes to some 12,000 people.
Link: U.S. Hispanics Choose Churches Outside Catholicism