16 February 2012

Linsanity and Asian American Christianity

Linsanity and Asian American Christianity, by Carl Park (The Gospel Coalition, 15 February 2012)

By now, especially after his game-winning shot vs. Toronto on Tuesday night, many of us have seen or read about Jeremy Lin, the came-out-of-nowhere starting point guard of the New York Knicks. Some of the stories and blogs are about Lin the Asian American, and some are about Lin the Christian. Some, like my friend Michael Luo's very personal piece in The New York Times, are about both. In his article, Luo talks about a "species" of Christianity, Asian American Christianity, and wonders why he, a Christian and an Asian American, connects differently to Lin than he does to Tim Tebow. He asks, and starts to answer, What is Asian American Christianity?
Link: Linsanity and Asian American Christianity