09 September 2012

Understanding Evangelical Christianity in Malaysia

Understanding Evangelical Christianity in Malaysia, by Ahmad Fuad Rahmat (Islamic & Renaissance Front, 7 September 2012)

An interview with Chris Chong by Ahmad Fuad Rahmat. Much controversy has erupted over the past year regarding the purported threat of Christianization in Malaysia. In the spirit of dialogue towards better understanding, IRF sits down with Chris Chong to discuss the issue in more depth from his perspective as a scholar and critical Evangelical Christian. Chris Chong holds a PhD in political science from Universiti Sains Malaysia. His doctorate, entitled ”Modernity, State-led Islamisation and the non-Muslim response”, studied the socio-political reaction of Malaysian Christians towards the longstanding Islamization of the Malaysian state. He is a member of the Wesleyan Community Church and Friends in Conversation, a Christian forum “committed to creating a space for reflective and constructive conversations on faith, spirituality, community and society.”

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